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Our 100% Turn Key Process
• If you can dream it, we can build it
• Living Color’s team of designers, artists, and fabricators complete every aspect of your project (100% In-house) inside our 43,000 ft² state-of-the-art facility.
• Living Color Project Managers coordinate all details of your project with you, your designer, architects and contractors from the very first rendering to the installation of your project.
• Living Color Designers use sophisticated 3D rendering software allowing you to view an accurate picture of your finished Aquarium or Cabinetry project. Upon approval, the design is electronically sent to our automated CNC machines for precision cutting which facilitates a better product and a faster delivery time. Our Aquarium Life Support designer configures your aquarium life support system to create a healthy environment for marine life.
• The Living Color Aquarium Fabrication Team molds your corals; hand sculpts and paints your custom reef, creating a unique work of art. Aquarium acrylic is precision cut with our CNC machines, and shaped and formed in our ovens. Your aquarium is hand polished after our seamless bonding process is completed.
• After your Custom Cabinetry project is cut and built, our finishers put the final touches on your project and a full mock-up is completed. Your project now awaits your final walk-thru approval.
• The Living Color Installation Team insures a professional & courteous installation respectful of your property, leaving behind only your beautiful product.
• Living Color has been providing quality aquarium maintenance service in South Florida for over 20 years. The Aquarium Maintenance Team has over 65 years of combined experience. We provide service and consultation for systems from 180 to over 30,000 gallons. Marine Biologists are on staff and can be reached at -24/7- for any questions or advice.
The benefits of calling Living Color Enterprises first:
Highly trained staff that takes pride in each Aquarium, Coral Reef, and Custom Cabinetry project.
We do not sub contract any part of your project.
We are a debt free company – We own our building, equipment, and vehicle fleet.
We are licensed & insured.
Our 100% Living Color Turn-Key Processes.