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Cabinetry Fabrication
Living Color’s Custom Cabinets are built using only the finest quality and highest grades of select woods . We manufacture beautifully hand-crafted cabinetry that is unsurpassed throughout the industry. Our team of experienced, skilled Custom Cabinet Master Craftsmen and Artisans take great pride in their work and accomplishments. These elements combine to create a highly durable, beautifully functional product that can be used and enjoyed for years to come. This personal touch and attention to detail help allow Living Color to produce such intricate and high-quality work.
Living Color can accommodate the design and fabrication of several large cabinetry projects simultaneously within our 43,000 square-foot manufacturing facility in Fort Lauderdale. In addition to the cabinet shop, our facility features a wood shop prep area, which enables us to mock up the entire project before sending the products to the site. Our shop has state-of-the-art equipment, including a full cross-flow spray booth, a Point to Point Machine and CNC machines. Our finishing area ensures integrity by utilizing a separate compressor for the clear-coat and sealing guns to make certain that they stay clean when spraying.
We invite you to visit our state of the art 43,000 square-foot manufacturing facility in Fort Lauderdale to meet our design team and see our skilled wood work master craftsmen in action. Our personal, completely in-house, turnkey approach allows Living Color to produce such detailed, high-quality work.