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Custom Cabinetry Design
Understanding the Design Process: Our Build It Here Program— a collaborative design-build program offered to our clients including architects, builders, interior designers, and discerning home owners — truly sets us apart. Experience the difference Living Color can make. Whether you choose Living Color’s line of custom cabinetry or Wood-Mode, we guarantee you’ll be pleased with our service and the end result. A dedicated project manager ensures 100% accountability every step of the way, providing regular updates on your project’s progress. Whatever the size of your project, consistency and quality is the hallmark of our success.
Contact us for more information on how we can help you complete your cabinetry project. Experience the difference Living Color can make.
Our Build It Here Room represents the brains of our custom cabinetry and engineering division. Living Color Cabinetry is pleased to present our unique design-build program; the “Build It Here” program was developed for designers and discerning home owners based on their input. As part of the program, our clients work side-by-side with Living Color woodworking artisans to select the design, wood, molding and finish to best meet their desires. In addition, the fact that Living Color handles every aspect of the design-build process ensures that we will meet the delivery date.
Clients who select Living Color for their custom cabinetry projects will be assigned a dedicated and experienced project manager, who will present detailed 3-D CAD renderings for approval and regularly status updates to ensure the project is completed on time.
We have been building cabinetry for award winning custom aquarium exhibits since 1988, which requires very innovative design approaches and precision craftsmanship. As a result, our woodworking artisans are some of the best in the business and are attuned to the importance of achieving detailed excellence and adhering to a tight delivery schedule.
Living Color’s woodworking artisans can produce cabinets for any space, taking into account lighting and home décor. They will work alongside each interior designer to provide counsel from their years of experience designing and building cabinetry for both residential and high-end commercial clients of all sizes.
Our artisans handcraft cabinetry and wood work in any style, including modern, eclectic, industrial, faux stone, traditional, or the style of your choice.
As part of the “Build It Here” program, interior designers and discerning home owners can select from a huge array of moldings, profiles and high-quality finishes housed in our all-inclusive resource library within our company’s unique cabinetry project room.
After gathering input, Living Color designers will begin to bring the custom cabinetry project to life. First, the project manager will present a 3-D rendering using state-of-the-art graphics such as AutoCAD. The designers will then elaborate on this depiction to create a computer-generated lifelike representation of your project. This unique step allows our clients to visualize the finished product and make any changes before actual fabrication begins.
Living Color has the infrastructure to handle projects of all sizes. One of Living Color’s largest commercial projects included designing and building Animal Kingdom Lodge at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Fla. Our Cabinetry division has also recently completed a work on a landmark South Beach Hotel and a residential community sales center, which involved designing and building more than 80 unique pieces.
Living Color can accommodate the design and completion of several jobs simultaneously within our 43,000 square-foot manufacturing facility in Fort Lauderdale. In addition to the cabinet shop, our facility features a wood shop “prep” area, which enables us to mock up the entire project in our shop before sending the products to the site. The shop has state-of-the-art equipment, including a full cross-flow spray booth, a point to point machine and CNC machines. Our finishing area ensures integrity utilizing a separate compressor for the clear-coat and sealing guns to make certain that they stay clean.
Our cutting edge software: Allows our designers and engineers work together on the same operation saving precious time in the processing of the job.
This technology optimizes materials: Calculations are made as to how to produce the particular scope with the most efficient use of materials with the highest yields.
Your estimate is available immediately.
Real-time Results: As soon as your design is complete it can be cut in our factory.
Software and Machinery interface with each other at a high speed, allowing for efficient panel processing technology.
Craftsmanship: Because of our technology, now our craftsmen have even higher tolerances to achieve in the assembly of the particular scope of work.
Our Tools: Allow for complex scopes to be completed in half the time with a higher degree of accuracy.